Installing Alternate NodeJS Versions

The Docksal cli comes pre-installed with NodeJS 8.11.3. This is the recommended version for most users. If you require a newer version, you have options:

Install the needed version of NodeJS via nvm at runtime

fin exec nvm install 10.12.0
# Set the node default version
fin exec nvm alias default 10.12.0

Alternatively, you can use .nvmrc to set the required NodeJS version for the project:

fin exec echo 10.12.0 > .nvmrc
fin exec nvm install

To automate this with your project, you can put the command into the project’s init script and have it happen every time you initialize the project with fin init.

Note, that as with any dependency installed at run-time, the image will not be immutable and is also internet connection dependent. Every time you reset/re-initialize the project stack and run fin init, that extra node version will be pulled down from the internet.

Extend the stock Docksal image

You can extend the stock Docksal image to add the desired version. There is a full working example that demonstrates this very concept.